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Plastic shrinkage cracking can sometimes occur on the surface of freshly mixed concrete soon after it is placed or finished on hot, dry, windy environmental conditions. These small surface cracks can be random or parallel in orientation. They develop when the rate of evaporation on the concrete surface exceeds the bleed rate (concrete water rising to the surface), thereby reducing the concrete volume and causing the concrete to shrink and crack open on the surface. It is highly recommended that the weather forecast be checked prior to the pouring of concrete and should one be faced with moderate to severe drying conditions that precautionary protection measures be taken to minimize the evaporation rate of water on the concrete surface.

Use the "Evaporation Rate Calculator" to calculate the drying conditions that one may face during the concrete pour and the protection measures to take prior to and during the pour.

(Typically between 20-25°C)

Evaporation Rate (kg/m2/hr):


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