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Concrete applications go beyond tough paving and a strong foundation. The low maintenance material also increases the value and performance of every type of residential, commercial or industrial property.

We use the finest ingredients to mix our concrete onsite, resulting in a premier quality of concrete that not only provides strength and durability, but also offers great finishes at better set times. Some of the outstanding features of our concrete include:
Higher Strength: Onsite mixing allowing for a more accurate control of the water/cement ratio resulting in freshness of mix and consistent results, that translates to greater strength for a given mix design.
No Need to Reconstitute Mix: Fresh concrete mixing eliminates the need to adding more cement as compared to premixed concrete.
Control Slump: Slump in any ingredient as well as proportions of sand, stone and cement can be increased or decreased immediately.
Early Setting Avoided: Since concrete is freshly mixed, poured and placed, early setting of concrete is totally eliminated.
Concrete Wastage Eliminated: Concrete is mixed and delivered as needed with our ultramodern concrete trucks, which eliminates overruns and wasted material by producing the exact quantity needed for a project.
Controls Time Variable: Consistently high quality of concrete is delivered as there is no time lag between mixing and pouring. This also purges the need for retempering, majorly responsible for concrete losing its strength.
Takes Full Advantage of Admixtures: CeMix Concrete provides the flexibility of admixture selection as a desirable way to improve workability and strength. We offer the most efficient method of adding an increasing variety of admixtures, such as water reducers, air entraining agents, superplasticizers, retarders, accelerators, etc.

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    With our onsite concrete mixing system, you are guaranteed the exact amount that you require for your construction project every time – no more or no less – and we will only ever charge for the amount that you use. We are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction by remaining highly flexible to all needs.

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