Custom Concrete Mixes: Tailoring Solutions for Every Construction Project
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The Science of Tailored Concrete Solutions

CeMix Concrete doesn’t just deliver concrete; we craft it. Our seasoned team understands that one mix doesn’t fit all applications in the concrete world. Different projects require distinct characteristics in our concrete mix, from strength to slump, and beyond. For instance, residential projects often call for a blend that provides a balance between workability and preserving durability, while industrial builds demand high-performance mixes that can withstand rigorous use. This precision in mix formulation ensures that the concrete not only passes standard tests but also meets the specific needs of the project.

The Art of Adaptation

Adaptability is key, and CeMix has scaled the services to match projects of any magnitude. We offer a range of custom mix designs that include but are not limited to lean mixes, wall mixes, and even specialized winter mixes. Our technology, namely volumetric mixers, plays a pivotal role in this adaptability. By mixing the concrete on-site, we eliminate issues related to concrete setting and transport delays, guaranteeing a fresh pour every time.

Driving Sustainability Through Customization

CeMix’s focus on environmental stewardship is evident in our  approach. Volumetric mixing reduces the carbon footprint by eliminating overages associated with traditional batch plants. The result is a sustainable project that doesn’t just meet standards but exceeds them.

Unlocking Potential with CeMix Concrete

Whether you are looking to construct a sturdy foundation for your home or need a resilient, weather-defying mix for your commercial endeavor, CeMix Concrete is the name you can trust. Our commitment to quality and customization ensures that each project we contribute to is set on the path to success.

In the competitive construction landscape, where strength meets precision, and adaptability meshes with sustainability, CeMix’s custom concrete mixes are a testament to dedication to every project. With CeMix, you’re not just getting concrete; you’re investing in a partnership that sees your vision through from the ground up. If you’re in Ontario and your project demands the best, CeMix Concrete is the discerning choice.

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